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Breathe Fitness in 2011

By Anthony Mayatt, Dec 31 2011 06:25PM

Hello all and welcome to my final blog of the year reviewing all the great things that have happened to Breathe Fitness in 2011.

Website Development

Breathe Fitness had gone through a tough 2010 due to personal problems but started the year strong and had built up a good client base and felt like it had got to the stage where the business needed to be pushed further. For this I decided to push the website further so created a blog, online health check, forum, also a directory for other personal trainers to advertise their services on. Apart from that added new images, new testimonials and just made the site look more professional.


I was building up a large client base around Central London and got to a point where I could no longer take on anymore clients which was exactly where I had hoped to be. I decided to then take on a team of staff across London that train in the areas I could not reach also took on people that were specialised in areas I had no experience in. At first I took on an aerobics instructor and she worked and taught classes in the London Bridge area. I also took on a pilates instructor, massage therapist plus personal trainers in north, east and west london.

Primrose Hill Clinic

Was over the moon to link up with a top health clinic in the heart of Primrose Hill this year that does everything from massage to osteopathy. Hopefully will work with this place even more in future as is a great incentive for people wanting an overall health kick.

New Logo

This year was the lauch of Breathe Fitness brand new logo which you can see at the top of this blog. I absolutely loved my first logo but it was designed in a way that you could not print it onto any accessories that I wanted doing like PT tops so spent months coming up with ideas and ended on this as my final design. It is modern which was what I wanted and has a symbol that would be easily recognisable and contains my slogan still.

Improved Knowledge

One thing I did not manage to do this year as much as I would have liked was to increase my knowledge as much due to busy work and family committments throughout the year. I did however do a fantastic course called 'megabands' which has made freelance training a whole lot easier and will be using these a lot more in 2012. I also have managed quite a bit of further reading and one book in particular by Paul Chek called How to eat, sleep and move is a book I would recommend to anyone. I hope to go on many courses in 2012 and learn some brand new things in the world of health and fitness.

Social Media

The social media networks were big for me this year in getting the Breathe Fitness name out to the world. In particular Twitter was great having notched up as of writing this blog 1,542 followers as well as facebook groups and pages. Twitter in particular was great because I ended up meeting some great people through there including other fitness professionals and helped each other in growing our businesses and sharing knowledge.


Breathe Fitness has always been featured regularly in the media and 2011 was no exception. One hightlight was being featured for the first time in the Daily Mirror newspaper and on their website. Another big highlight was doing a photoshoot for the company FamouslyFit in December with one of my celebrity clients Jon Lee and that feature will be out early 2012.

Success Stories

Have had many success stories over the past year as all my clients have literally worked their asses off but wanted to share with you one in particular that made me very proud. Cindy came to me in the summer and was getting married just 7 weeks later and was extremelly insecure. Hindu women tend to be very petit and that was expected to be on her too. There were going to be 900 guests at her wedding so she felt like she needed to do something so that she looked great in her wedding sari. Of course 7 weeks is not a long time so I made her no promises but to do my up most best and said that she needed to as well.

In the 7 weeks we trained Cindy got from a size 14 down to a 10 which was an amazing achievement as she stuck to everything asked of her. I was lucky enough to be invited to her wedding and she looked absolutely stunning on the day and it has certainly gone down as one of my proudest moments as a personal trainer.

I would like to thank all you readers out there to without you I would not be as successful as I have been this year. 2011 has been my best year to date and hope to continue that into 2012 so I wish you all a very happy new year and see you all again soon.

Anthony Mayatt

Owner of Breathe Fitness

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