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By Anthony Mayatt, Apr 25 2017 12:01PM

There’s quite a bit of publicity around depression currently, with Prince Harry “coming out” as having sought counselling. But what exactly is depression?

Medically speaking, the criteria for what constitutes depression are in the DSM-V, where somebody is meant to have had at least five out of nine specific symptoms, nearly every day for a minimum of two weeks. The symptoms are quite varied, with some very clear cut, such as wanting to kill oneself or more than 5% weight change, whilst others are more subjective such as change in concentration, being irritable or decreased interest in most activities. That’s the sort of thing a GP or psychiatrist is assessing against as to whether somebody has depression, and whether to prescribe medication.

By Anthony Mayatt, Oct 12 2015 03:34PM

Recently it was #WorldMentalHealthDay so everyone was raising awareness of mental health issues, places to seek help etc. As it is a passion of mine to help people through depression, I created this video to talk about depression and why it is perfectly ok to feel sad when going through this.

By Anthony Mayatt, Jul 25 2013 05:53PM

Depression is becoming more and more common day by day now and so many suffer alone or choose to live with it. Modern life stresses such as relationships, work, money can cause things to build up over time and can result in depression whether at a mild or severe state. I wanted to write this blog for two reasons, one was to help people who may feel they suffer with it and need advice and the other is because I recently went through it myself.


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